Album Review: The Misadventures of Marty and Ferns by Social Club Misfits

Overview: Social Club Misfits are back with their first album since signing with Capitol Records. The Misadventures of Marty and Fern follows a similar formula as their previous work, but improves on the recipe. Marty and Fern bring their own unique style to Christian Rap, and it shines on this album. Overall, Wit did an excellent job on the production, and it shines at multiple points throughout the Album, most notably Usual Suspects, Social SZN, and Wayyyy Back. For the most part, the features bring something to the album, and they definitely add a layer. The Album focuses alot on Love and Marriage, likely partially due to Marty’s recent marriage. In the past, Marty and Fern have mostly stuck to simpler lyrics, and they don’t stray from that here. Overall, The Misadventures of Fern and Marty lived up to my expectations, it had some low points, but it had just as many high points. If you’ve enjoyed Social Club in the past, you should definitely check this project out.

Overall: 7.75

1. Vibes Vibes Vibes – 7.75

2. Pop out revenge – 8.37

3. Love 4 real – 7.13

4. Who Else – 8.13

5. Different People – 7.37

6. Maybe – 7.37

7. How good – 7.13

8. A song for Cami – 7.25

9. One with the New Yorkers – 7.37

10. Usual suspects – 8.12

11. Time 4 that – 7.25

12. Social SZN – 8.5

13. Wayyyyy back – 7.75

14. Misfit Anthem – 8.75

15. Extra Wavy – 8

Notable Bars:

I think they live for the likes.But they ain’t got nothing in sight. What do you want from a life? – Marty (The One With the New Yorkers) 

I don’t spend much time in clubs, unless you say the one I’m in – Marty (Extra wavy) 

When they told me they cried when they listened to it, I’m not surprised, I probably wrote it crying – Fern (Maybe) 

‘Cause the flow is never forced like it’s too weepy – Fern (Time 4 that)