Album Review: Off Season by Serge 

Overall 7.8

Nathan: Off Season put Serge on the CHH map, and is still his best project to date. The Production explores multiple styles of music, Old school, almost MC-hammer like production on some songs, then dubstep influences on others, which can definitely take a little from the overall listen. Serge arbuably accels the most in his delivery and flow, and he shows this aspect of his skills off very well. Lyrically, there are definitely some strong moments, but overall, Serge takes a more simple route. The Album touches on some deeper themes, but it tends to be the exception versus the norm. Off Season brings a lot to the CHH table and showcases Serge’s uniqueness as a rapper well. In the future I’d love to see him explore some deeper themes and stretch himself more lyrically, but Off Season is a strong showing that you should check out if you haven’t already.

Introduction – 8.5

Old and new – 8.25

All I want – 8

Bearing the name – 7.75

Murder – 8

Still here – 7

Hero – 7.75

Shake the ground – 7

Beauty Queen – 7.75

Sway – 7.75

That’s Life – 8.5

King Kong F – 7.25