Album Review: Reflection by Derek Minor


Evan: Reflection features some of Minors best work production wise. He features some of his best flows and beats (see Judo and Look At Me Now). Lyrically, it is very shallow with not much to offer. Minor continually touches on Christians living as a reflection of Jesus and racial issues, which are important and need to be talked about. Its a positive message, however he never delves deep into these issues which is something that we wish to see more of in CHH. I am excited about where Minor’s music is headed but we are still waiting for his lyrics to catch up.

Nathan: One of the most anticipated albums of CHH this year, Reflection had high expectations, but did it meet those lofty expectations? There’s really not a one word answer for this question, let me explain. If you’re looking for an album with some of the best trap production this year (see Hold up, You know it, Believe it), as well as catchy hooks and flows (See Until I’m gone), then Reflection is the album for you. However, if you’re looking for lyrically complex and deep album, then you will probably be let down. Derek Minor attempts to touch on some deep subjects, like race and our identity in God, but the results feel very simple and cliché. The Album sounds good sonically, but it’s replay value is hurt a lot by repetitive lyrics and simple rhyme schemes. Reflection isn’t a bad album by any means, and it’s great for bumping to with friends, but it falls short of what I believe Derek Minor can achieve.

Look at me now – 8.25

Hold up – 8.12

You know it – 8.12

Until I’m gone – 7.67

Things Fall apart – 7.37

Believe it – 8

Im good – 7.62

Judo – 9

Love Go High – 7.25

Change the World – 7.25

Live – 7.37

Good Enough – 7.37

Real Ones – 7.75

Greatness 2.0 – 7.25